Windwalker Monk PvP Spec 7.0.3 (WoW Legion)

Below is the best Windwalker Monk Pvp Spec 7.0.3 for battlegrounds, arena, rbgs etc… These talents are not set in stone, as the playstyle of the player is what really dictates what should be chosen. However, these windwalker monk 7.0.3 pvp talents have shown to work great for nearly all players.

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(video tutorial for making basic rogue macros at the bottom)

Level 15 – Chi Wave
This actually does some pretty good AoE healing and damage at higher levels.


Level 30 – Tiger’s Lust
Nice support talent that will be used in almost every fight.


Level 45 – Energizing Elixir
Great cooldown to have if you want to burst an enemy down at a moments notice.


Level 60 – Leg Sweep
This talent is great for crowd controlling people so you can escape or even for setting up devastating combos.


Level 75 – Healing Elixir
Nice way to get some self-healing on yourself against tougher opponents.


Level 90 – Hit Combo
These stacks do max out quite quickly, providing some devastating burst potential.


Level 100 – Serenity
Another really nice talent to pickup if you want to burst down an enemy in PvP.

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